This site is for personal file hosting and donated bandwidth to Free and Open Source projects.

Contact: Andrew Farris <lordmorgul at gmail.com>
IM: gtalk or aim: l0rdm0rgul
The following public encryption key can be used to send me encrypted or signed mail.
GPG: 0xA1C2E8EE pgp.mit.edu
To import use: gpg --keyserver --recv-keys A1C2E8EE

The following GPG keys are expired, no longer in use, and should be considered compromised, unfortunately I cannot revoke them. 0x8300BF29, 0xC99B1DF3
SMIME also available through COMODO.

About: Andrew is a graduate from California Polytechnic State University with the Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (2008). He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering (2006) from Cal Poly. View Andrew Farris' Profile on LinkedIn.
What is lordmorgul?
Some of my research and publications can be found at /research. This includes work done in lead-free electronics drop impact reliability.

There may be interesting files sitting around in the /pub. These are mostly mirrored files and are not guaranteed to stay there.
Visitors in the /pub directory are welcome. Respect the applicable licenses for files or packages hosted here; it is your responsibility to know and comply with those licenses.

Public Mirrors:
Compiz-Fusion repository for Fedora -- main host at http://www.dfm.uninsubria.it/compiz/fusion/ , also see usage info and discussion thread.

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